What is High Pressure Cleaning?

What is High Pressure Cleaning

Every homeowner will always be happy to have a clean home which he can be proud of. Cleaning outdoor paved areas and driveways is a chore that requires some effort or organization and can be made easier when you use a professional high pressure cleaning company to help you in this housekeeping operation.

Pressure cleaning is a method that can help to remove dirt and grime from surfaces using jets of water which are up to 4000 psi, there are even industrial grade equipment which can go up to 30000 psi. It becomes even more effective when detergents and chemicals are added to the water which aids in loosening embedded dirt and stains giving a result like no other type of cleaning can achieve.

High pressure washing works much better than traditional washing methods and can also lead to substantial savings in the amount of water used, which is an added bonus for hot climates like Sydney, where water shortages are not unknown. You can also use this equipment to clean your car with far lesser effort.

What Can I Clean using this Method?

Pressure cleaning can be used to clean roofs of homes, driveways, pavers, fences, swimming pool tiles and most other hard surfaces including brick, stone cladding, painted masonry and other surfaces.

They help to remove moss and algae and other organisms that do tend to cling to exteriors of homes. Removing all of these along with the dirt that has accumulated can immediately make your home aesthetically appealing. With some help from a degreaser, it will also remove any traces of grease or chewing gum on your driveway.

Hire Professionals or DIY?

If you are going to be doing the job yourself, make sure that you have the right amount of water and pressure, and also have made proper arrangements to drain away the water and waste that this cleaning process will lead to. Some items, like plants, may get damaged by high-pressure water, and you need to see that you do not direct the jets towards them.

Domestic pressure washers which can be purchased off the shelves of your local hardware store can be good for maintenance and to clean your car, but to get the best result you really need a commercial pressure washer which can produce higher pressure.

Rather than outlay the investment for  new equipment and also the time required to do it yourself, the best option for most people would be to call a professional cleaning company to do the job.

Most homes just require the service once or twice a year and the final effect of a sparkling home is well worth the cost.

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